Above and Below Hull: Sea-doo

Jetglide Sea-doo

Let the water fun begin! The sleek SEA-DOO® SEA SCOOTER™ JETGLIDE allows its young driver to glide through the pool surface with ease on this fun and safety packed design. With this sea-doo ’s advanced design propulsion system, the impeller pumps water into the internal nozzle in place of the conventional propeller. The result is a strong water jet delivering up to 2mph / 3.2km/h, without the risk of our young driver potentially being in contact with a propeller blade. Combining with the top-mounted water cannon, no one will be able to get away from being wet this time!

Aquanalit Sea-doo

The SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ AQUANAUT is great for snorkeling, swimming or playing in the pool. This smaller, lighter sea-doo for adult-supervised youngsters ages 8 to 10 (up to 100 lbs. / 45.4kg) is waterproof to 10 feet and you can enjoy an hour of play on a single charge.

Dolphin Sea-doo

For family fun in the pool, at a very attractive price, the SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ DOLPHIN packs thrust for a speed of up to 2mph / 3.2km/h in a very compact, lightweight design. With safety features including protective grilles, auto shut-off, dual trigger control and positive buoyancy, the DOLPHIN Sea-doo is a must for every child, or child at heart.

Aquaranger Sea-doo

Turn heads with the latest SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ AQUARANGER, tweaked speed and performance that will get you propelling through the water in style whilst scuba or snorkeling. The SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ AQUARANGER is the entry level seascooter that you’ll be taking into the water at any occasion. AQUARANGER Sea-doo ’s increased depth rating up to 30ft / 10m makes it your ideal snorkelling buddy and will get you chasing fish at a cruising speed of up to 2.5mph / 4km/h. With safety features including auto shut-off, dual-trigger control, caged propeller casing and positive buoyancy.

PRO Sea-doo

Ideal for water lovers the original SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ PRO is a snorkeler’s dream, at a price that makes it hard to resist.

The SEA-DOO® SEA SCOOTER™ PRO can run at a speed of 2mph / 3.2km/h at a depth of up to 65ft / 20m and has built in buoyancy regulation for maximum comfort.

GTI Sea-doo

A big performer in a tiny package – the single speed SEA-DOO® SEA SCOOTER™ GTI delivers thrust for a speed of up to 2.5 mph / 4km/h. The GTI is light enough to carry in one hand making beach dives a reality and snorkeling a dream, and with waterproof circuitry, maintenance is a cinch!

VS Supercharged Plus Sea-doo

Push your diving experience to a new level of excitement. SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER™ VS SUPERCHARGED PLUS, now features a reinforced nose cone that protects the unit during transport and in rough environments. This ultimate sea-doo was rated No.1 overall by Diving Science and Technology (DSAT). The VS SUPERCHARGED PLUS delivers two levels of thrust. So save air, stay down longer and get more fun out of diving!

Explorer X Sea-doo

New generation SEADOO® SEASCOOTER™ EXPLORER™ X is a superior DPV to the market that is easily accessible to anyone who sees diving as a passion and divers seeking new thrills underwater. The top-of-the-line Explorer™ X features a 3-stageseal waterproof integrity, and is outfitted with new pressure-valve technology that allows smart depressurization of the unit after ascending to the surface. Save air and spend more time exploring new dive sites, reefs and wrecks.

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