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Do you want a Team Build event that actually works, develops and motivates your team?

It is of course a rhetorical question; of course you do, just as any good business manager would.

Over the years clients have told us stories of some “Team Building” events that they have been on before coming to us where they have been asked to “Sing from the same hymn sheet” or “Be on the same page”.

Having spent good money on these events, most of the events we hear about seemed more interested in getting teams to stand on one leg or sit quietly in a garden and reflect for some undisclosed or self seeking answer, which never actually really came!

We at Blue Lagoon Events have a simple philosophy to Team Building; It needs to be productive, objective driven, fun and most of all “there is an I in team!” Instead of pure focus on what a team can do and making competition rife we focus on the most important part of the team; the individuals. Lets face it your team is as strong as it’s weakest link. If you have team members who do not perform then at best the team will “get by” at worst they “will fail”! Harsh but true!

Our Team Building days are focused on developing these individual skills so that the individuals strengths and weaknesses can be found and respectively enhanced or mitigated so that the individuals come together to then enhance the whole team performance and work synergistically.

Whatever your needs we have the solution for you.

Come and meet our amazing team, have a brilliant and productive day out, join our ever growing family of repeater clients. Be part of something special and change your team for the better, forever.

Extras: We understand that everybody’s needs are different and to this end we offer additional elements to compliment our normal events. You may for instance want overnight accommodation or transport to and from our venue organising. How about we record your event for that extra special memento? We will gladly record and produce a movie for you or take pictures of the team in action. This and more can be provided at a small additional cost. Please contact us for information and any additional requirements you may be considering.

Additional Available Activities Include: Scuba Diving, Paddle Boarding, Archery, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Orienteering, Open Water Swimming and more!

Solutions / Packages

Focus – Fun Day Out

Focus – Fun Day Out

This is aimed at the business professional who wants to give their team an entertaining day out perhaps to say thank you for hitting a performance target or just to let off steam.

What better way to motivate and thank your staff for their hard work than a fun and relaxing day out. We have mastered the art of giving teams an environment where fun is the prime objective. They will have a great day in the hands of our seasoned professionals who will guide and mentor your people throughout the day ensuring that the maximum fun is had in a safe, professional and enjoyable environment.

Let us help you tailor your day; we can build your event around fun activities such as clay pigeon shooting, paddle boarding, scuba diving or archery.

“The best team day out that I or my team could ever have imagined, expertly run and great fun. Thank you to the team at Blue Lagoon Events” Mark Ker-Lindsay, Technical Director, Sanctis, Cyprus

We will have two exciting additions to our portfolio, swim coaching and well being clinics available from September 2014.

Prices start from as little as £35 per head and even includes a fine lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

  • Price: Prices start from as little as £35 per head and even includes a fine lunch and refreshments throughout the day.
  • Location: Blue lagoon
  • People required: 6
  • Duration: 1 day

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Focus – Fun & Productive

Focus – Fun & Productive

This solution is intended for the business professional who wants a fun yet productive day for their team.

We will combine fun with a bespoke classroom and field session that will identify individual as well as team strengths and weaknesses.

The day will be objective driven to ensure that your team is stretched and developed in a dynamic supported environment.

“The team build day provided by Blue Lagoon Events was without doubt the best I have ever seen, I would like to thank you all for making it interesting, memorable and absolutely fit for our purposes.” Michelle Hughes, Head of Referencing CCVLAS

Our professional team will engage with and guide your team through a raft of tasks from simple problem solving to complex situations that require designated rolls and responsibilities.

The aim is to grow strengths, mitigate weaknesses and give both the individual and team skills and techniques to take back to the work place.

  • Price: Prices start from as little as £45 per head.
  • Location: Blue Lagoon
  • People required: 6
  • Duration: Half-day or full-day

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Fully Immersed

Fully Immersed

This is a full 360 degree team build solution which will give your team the ultimate team build experience.

We focus this event at team members who need an educational experience as well as a team building and motivational experience. The event is objective driven, often centred around building communication, strategy or leadership skills. In this event the teams have to solve often complex problems or clues to reveal the objective and are often given information in a jigsaw format allowing them to piece the objective together. They will need to work together pooling their strengths to form a strategy then executing a plan to meet the objective goals.

“Amazing! thank you Blue Lagoon Events, what a great day, we loved it, everyone is still talking about it a month later. Great objective and I am still using the team build day video in our team meetings. Great, thanks again.” Michael Long, Food & Beverage Manager, UK

We will support your team throughout ensuring that they function in a safe and productive environment, the day will conclude with a feedback and best practice workshop we can even produce a video for you upon request.

  • Price: Prices start from as little as £55 per head and we even include a lunch and refreshments in the day.
  • Location: Blue lagoon
  • People required: 6
  • Duration: Full day

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