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Once your child has completed their PADI Seal Team and got a taste for diving they may want to continue to practise their skills. Fancy improving bouyancy skills? The PADI Aquamission Innerspace Specialist works on that. Want to play with cameras underwater? Try the Aquamission Snapshot Specialist. The multitude of PADI Aquamissions available allow them to pick and choose which areas of diving they would like to try.

For even more glamour, if they complete 10 Aquamissions, then they qualify for the PADI Master Seal Team membership, gaining them recognition and bragging rights!


  • Variety of Aquamissions to choose from

When and Where?

Hull / Blue Lagoon


1 hour-long sessions

Hull - Every Saturday 4pm till 5pm

Blue Lagoon - 1st two Sundays of every month 12:30 till 13:30

Pre-requisites / Requirements

8 years old

PADI Seal Team

Standard Prices

Name Details Price
Individual Aquamission Per Aquamission £25