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MSDT to Master Instructor


Go Further: Become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer or IDC Staff Instructor

In today’s competitive dive market – as it is any field – the more qualified you are, the better your job prospects will be. If you’re a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (or considering becoming one), the easiest way to enhance your marketability is to get certified to teach PADI specialty courses and even the Instructor Development Course.

Above & Below offers Master Scuba Diver Trainer and IDC Staff Instructor upgrades that will give you more experience and a better chance for a great jobs. Anyone who has undergone their Instructor Development Course through Above & Below and subsequently passed their Instructor Exam is eligible to enter our Instructor Mentoring Program.

This is free to all our instructors and involves ‘hands on’ practical application as a PADI Instructor under the direct supervision of a senior member of Above & Below’s teaching staff, allowing you to gain that important teaching experience in a supportive environment.

Initially you will be team teaching Open Water courses following the lead of our senior instructor. When you are ready you will then lead a course with one of our senior instructor’s team teaching in the background. Finally you will lead your own course with the support of staff on site for any questions or help you require. Once you have ‘cut your teeth’ on the Open Water Courses you will have the control in place to progress to the more advanced courses in a similar manner. We also provide quarterly ‘one to one’ sessions with our course directors.


  • Better chance of getting a job
  • Mentoring Program
  • On-site support staff

When and Where?

Blue Lagoon


Duration varies - please enquire.

Pre-requisites / Requirements

Qualified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor with in-date EFR / EFR Care for Children Instructor certification

Additional Information

All courses require the student to purchase materials and pay for PADI fees.

Standard Prices

Name Details Price
MSDT Prep Course (5 specialities) Price excludes materials and PADI fees. £250
Individual Instructor Specialties (excluding deep / off site) Excludes deep speciality. Off-site £125. Price excludes materials and PADI fees. £75
IDC Staff Instructor Course Price excludes materials and PADI fees. £299